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IdentityForce a TransUnion Company
Identity Protection and so much more!

Now is the time to take protecting all you’ve built seriously.

 Your company recognizes the exponential increase in fraud and scams as your digital footprint expands, and the vulnerabilities that result from having sensitive personal information exposed. It’s why SolopreneurIT and IdentityForce have teamed up to offer a plan that is usually in the employee benefit wheelhouse. We’re here to provide you with world-class identity theft protection plans built to proactively monitor, alert, and help you fix any identity theft compromises. 

WHY NOW? Our identities have become more than just a name, birthdate, and social insurance number. Today it includes voice signatures and fingerprints, personal property records, health records, and even social media data. All of these details can be capitalized on by criminals to commit identity fraud, whether used directly in forms of synthetic identity theft, or used in social engineering attempts to extract money or personal details that provide additional opportunities for identity crimes. 

ID THEFT IMPACT You don't want to deal with a lifetime of damage that could result from identity theft. You most likely even know someone who has already been a victim of identity theft themselves, or you at least know someone who has had their good name compromised. Security incidents, scams, and fraud continue to grow. As our world becomes increasingly digitalized, and virtual, it’s even more important to have SolopreneurIT and IdentityForce in your corner. We not only proactively monitor the Dark Web, credit reports, and real-time fraud issues, but we will help you fix any compromises to your personal information. All without the hassle of making phone calls, completing paperwork, and all the heavy lifting needed to make sure your identity is restored.

We Monitor and Protect Who you are!

Solopreneur IT Support and Security Services Inc is more than about IT. We care about you, and the people that matter to you the most. Because of this, we have partnered with IdentityForce to make sure that you are protected! All SolopreneurIT plans come with Identity Protection, and additional protection licenses may be added for you, your family and your clients!

More than just Identity Protection, for our clients IdentityForce has added the following!

  1. $25,000 in Ransomware Expense Reimbursement,   If you suffer a ransomware attack, IdentityForce and SolopreneurIT will help you through it, including helping you pay the ransom, up to $25,000 if needed!

  2. $25,000 in Social Engineering recovery. If you are conned out of funds, up to $25,000, say, tricked into paying a bill you do not owe, IdentityForce is there for you!     


IdentityForce Identity Protection and MORE!

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